Is Apple ‘Okay’ with Xiaomi copying iPhones?

Xiaomi and a lot of other Chinese handset manufacturers are not shy when it comes to copying Apple. Be it the camera setup at the back, animojis, the infamous ‘notch’ and even the Face ID. When Xiaomi launched the Mi 8 earlier this month, the talk in the tech community was how bluntly Xiaomi copied Apple this time. For the record, Xiaomi Mi 8 has a glass design, a notch which houses the Face ID like facial recognition, animojis and a vertical dual camera setup at the back. Wait! This sounds a lot like iPhone X right? Well, yes. But, how does Xiaomi manage to get away with this brave mimicking every time while Samsung is always doing the rounds in court for patents?

1. Apple doesn’t really care!

This is one of the most relevant reasons for Xiaomi’s safety manual every time they copy the Cupertino giant. Xiaomi has always wanted to be the king of budget or say sub $500 smartphones whereas Apple’s footprints are only to be found in the premium and perhaps the most lucrative flagship range of smartphones. So when it comes to suing its competitors, Xiaomi isn’t on the list simply because it is not competing Apple in that price segment just yet.

2. Xiaomi’s presence outside China

How many people in the United States or even Europe owns a Xiaomi smartphone today? Very few I guess. In fact, most of the people in these demographics have not even heard of Xiaomi. On the other hand, people are going bonkers after Xiaomi in a country like India. Xiaomi still restricts its sales to China or the Indian sub-continent whereas Apple has certainly more presence in the United States and Europe. Moreover, not a lot of people in China are Apple fanboys so it just doesn’t make sense for Apple to take on Xiaomi.

3. China’s Laws Plays an Important Role

Patent and Copyright laws in China are pretty unconvincing which is why most of the smartphones coming from Chinese manufacturers looks like borrowed favour from elsewhere. Further, China, as a country will obviously protect its industries so suing Xiaomi in China would rather be a bad decision. If you are wondering what if Apple file a law suit against Xiaomi in the United States? Well, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer hasn’t really seeped its way in to the US. In fact, you can’t even purchase some of the Xiaomi smartphones in the US especially those which are anywhere near the iPhone in terms of design.

4. Apple needs China for manufacturing iPhones

Most of the iPhone models are assembled in China while the spare parts are manufactured across the globe. If Apple happens to sue Xiaomi, Chinese government will make it difficult for Apple to operate in China. In other words, it will be a great hit to Apple’s manufacturing process.


Xiaomi has been boldly copying Apple in both software and hardware department but when we talk about the potential, Xiaomi is still miles away from Apple. MIUI, Xiaomi’s proprietary Android skin, reminds us a lot of Apple’s iOS and with the Mi 8, the Chinese Apple has taken this imitating game to an all new different level. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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