I Washed My Earphones in Washing Machine – This Is What Happened

Okay So the other day, I came back from office and immediately after that I had this desperate feeling to do some laundry. I picked up my clothes dumped it into the washing machine and little did I knew that my beloved earphones are being tumbled through water sitting in a pocket of one of my pants. When I did realize that I have done this outrageous mistake with a perfect dose of carelessness, my heart skipped a beat. I love listening to music and realizing the only earphones you had just went through a complete cycle of laundry in the washing machine – it was just a bad feeling if nothing else. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone but if it has, this article is for you.


So a quick fact before I dive into the do’s and don’ts. Earphones are more durable than you think. Most of them can take a dip in water. In fact, most earphones fail to work after a wash because of either of these two reasons – corrosion or shot circuit. If you think they had a really rough wash with loads of active detergent, then you might not be lucky. However, if it was a regular 30 degree wash you should pay attention to this.


What not to do ?

Don’t turn them on. No matter what your heart says or how desperate you are to listen to some music – just don’t plug them into your phone. There might be some moisture left inside the earphones and that might cause a shot circuit. And if it does, there is no coming back my friend.


What to do?

Make sure to dry them off completely before you turn them on and take your chance. Here are some useful tips –


  • Remove the rubber ear-tips and let the main housing of the earphones dry overnight and maybe next morning under the sun.
  • Wipe them off nicely with a dry towel.
  • Don’t use any kind of hair dryer to tackle your patience. Let it air dry naturally for 24 – 48 hours.
  • You can also keep the earphones in a container along with some moisture absorbers like silica gel. Uncooked rice can be an excellent moisture absorber.


My earphones were up and running at full power the next afternoon after I kept them overnight in a container full of uncooked rice and some time under the scorching sun the next morning.


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