Top Online Shopping Hacks that Will Make You A Shopping Expert

Online shopping is a big deal in India today. Unlike many other countries, India has quickly evolved as the perfect destination for e-commerce. We all love to shop online mainly for two reasons – it’s cheaper and there are fewer chances of a product being duplicate. However, there have been instances where people didn’t receive the product they ordered or even received things like bricks or fruits instead of a smartphone. With all the benefits it has, online shopping doesn’t offer you a first-hand experience before you buy a product. Still, we always prefer to do most of our shopping online. Be it Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale or Amazon’s Great Indian Sale, there are a ton of options when we browse through these websites. There are a bunch of hacks which can make you a shopping expert and believe me, you will never miss deals on your favourite products with these tricks.


1. Keep Items in Shopping Cart

A lot of you might not know this, but keeping products in your shopping cart can help you get an exclusive discount from the e-commerce website. In a quest to get the order completed, companies often reach out to you with special discounts on the products you have kept in the cart for past few days. Look for an email or app notification after you have kept your favourite product in your cart.



2. Never Save Debit/Credit Cards on Shopping Websites

This is rather a precautionary measure than a hack. Going by the personal experience, try not to save your debit or credit cards on any of the e-commerce websites. The details can get leaked out especially when you are shopping on a not so famous shopping portal. I have been a victim of fraudulent transactions on my credit card which makes things even worse. Seriously, there is no harm in entering the details everytime you are shopping something online.



3. Create a WishList to Track Prices During Sale

Indian e-commerce websites are flooded of sales no matter what time of the year it is. To make the most of these sales, keep the items, that you are planning to buy during these sales, on your wishlist. This way, you can track the price fluctuations and get your favourite product at the best price.



4.Free Delivery Of Products

A lot of times, e-commerce websites put a minimum order value to get free shipping. Now you want to buy something which costs less but also wants free delivery, here is what you can do. Add another one or two products to reach the minimum order value and place the order. Once the order is placed, cancel the extra items. If everything goes well, you will successfully save a few bucks on shipping. Online shopping websites have become smart over the years so this might not work every time.


5. Shop on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

It is a common phenomenon believed all around the world that you should shop online on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays as this is when online sellers shell out most of the discounts. I am talking when there are no major sales like the Big Billion Days running online. This is when you desperately want to buy something in kind of a non-sale season. Good Luck!


6. Shop in Incognito/Private Mode

If you are wondering how is Facebook showing an ad for a product you just browsed through Amazon? Well, privacy on the internet is a myth today. This is where the concept of price discrimination or biased prices comes into the picture. If an e-commerce website is showing a lower price for the same product to your friend, you have probably been talking or browsing too much about that product. Enough to trigger the seller to believe that you will end up buying the product. This is common when you are booking tickets through third-party services. As a precaution, always shop in Incognito or Private mode and keep clearing your browsing data regularly.

7. Record a Video While Unboxing

Not recording a video while unboxing is, perhaps, the biggest mistake we do when buying products like smartphones or other electronics online. Recording a video while unboxing the product becomes a really handy proof if the product happens to be not in working condition or if you received the wrong product. So the next time you suspect a couple of mangoes instead of a smartphone, don’t forget to record before you unbox.



8. Use Clients like BuyHatKe

There are several plugins or third-party software that provide you in-depth analysis of a product you are looking to buy online. My personal favourite is BuyHatKe. It gives you push notifications about the best deals on all the major e-commerce websites. It gives you a price trend for a particular product for past couple of months. It gives you additionals coupons and offers that gets activated automatically. It also tells you if the product is cheaper elsewhere. Bottom line, if you really want to enhance your shopping experience and don’t want to miss on any deals, BuyHatKe is one of the best tools out there. BuyHatKe is available as a Chrome extension or an app for both Android and iOS.


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