Why Thunderbolt 3 is a must on your Laptop?

We are in 2019 and people are still not aware about a lot I/O on a standard laptop or a personal computer. Apart from your usual USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, headphone jack etc., there has been one port which has been there in the industry for 4 years now and it is really important that you look for it when you go out to purchase your next laptop. Yes, I am talking about the ‘Thunderbolt 3’ port. I am sure you have heard this term in a review or a promotional video but what it really does? Why should you care about Thunderbolt 3 while buying your next laptop? Here is why –

Image: Intel

It is much more than USB-C

For the un-intended, Thunderbolt 3 port is a USB-C (3.1) port but it does a lot more than a standard USB-C port. Back in early 2010s when the Thunderbolt port was introduced, no manufacturer really embraced the technology except Apple. Because back in the day, USB 3.0 was still very new to the market and all the manufacturers failed to pick the Thunderbolt port over the regular USB 3.0.

Nevertheless, things have changed now and a lot of other manufacturers like Asus, Dell, HP have started including the Thunderbolt 3 port.

It can transfer data at 40Gbps

A standard USB 3.1 port maxes out at 10Gbps transfer speed while a Thunderbolt 3 port can offer you 40Gbps of transfer speed. If that didn’t make sense, you can transfer a 4K movie in less than 30 seconds through a Thunderbolt 3 port. Not only this, it also offers a 10Gbps peer-to-peer connection speeds with other PCs to quickly transfer files. A peer-to-peer connection means, you can transfer a really huge file from your colleague or friend’s laptop in seconds through a this port.

Image: Intel

Why It is a must for Content Creators?

If you are a content creator, you must look for a Thunderbolt 3 port in your next purchase. Why? You may ask. Well, you can connect two 4K monitors through this port which comes in really handy if you are into video editing, photo editing, graphic designing etc. Unlike a standard display port, the Thunderbolt 3 port can handle one 4K monitor at 60Hz and one 4K monitor at 120Hz simultaneously.

Why is it good for Gamers?

Thunderbolt 3 port offers you an option to plug and play external graphics card acting as a catalyst for a seamless GPU update for your laptop or a personal computer.  You can also just plug in an external SSD in case you want to go real hard on the file transfer be it while gaming, rendering a video or just a regular file transfer.

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It is a one stop shop for all your charging requirements

Just like a standard USB 3.1, a Thunderbolt 3 port offers charging speeds upto 100W. In other words, not only it adds a whole plethora of functionality, it doesn’t compromise on convenience.

It supports Daisy Chaining

The list doesn’t end here. Thunderbolt 3 port also supports Daisy Chaining with up to six devices. If you are not aware, Daisy Chaining means when you connect other computers or peripheral devices one after the other in a series.

How can you identify if your laptop has Thunderbolt 3 Port?

In case you are out in the market looking for laptops, look for the tiny lightning bolt logo. There might be a lot of replicas of this logo or very similar looking logos, so be aware.


What Laptops are currently offering the Thunderbolt 3 Port?

This is a really good question because you would obviously want to buy a laptop from your favourite brand which also has a thunderbolt 3 port.

Apart from Apple MacBook lineup, there are a bunch of laptops in the market that offers this functionality. I am linking some of them down below. You can check out.

Dell XPS 13

HP Spectre x360

ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Air

Asus ZenBook Pro UX490

This was just a brief outlook of what Thunderbolt 3 port offers. If you want to deep dive and have a detailed view of the functionality, here is the link original article from Intel that explains all the added features that comes with a Thunderbolt 3 port.

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