How To Buy The Right Case For Your Smartphone?

I am pretty sure most of you reading this buy a case the day you get your new smartphone. Well, you obviously need to protect your new boy from any kind of drops and scratches right? Smartphone companies spend years in the research labs to bring the best of designs on their smartphones and what do we do? We put a Rs 200 case on it taking away all its glory in exchange of protection. We all do this, at least for the first few weeks. However, buying a case is not that easy today because what might look sturdy on the outside might be much weaker on the inside. There are a lot of types in the case industry. We have the normal silicone TPU cases, hard back cases, rugged armor sturdy cases, bumper cases or just skins which adds a little bit of protection with not a lot of bulk. If you are looking to buy the right case for your smartphone? You are at the right place.


Why do we buy cases?

There are primarily two reasons we buy cases for our smartphone – Protection and Customization. Let me first pick the former.


Protective Cases

TPU Cases (or Silicone) – These are perhaps the most popular cases, thanks to their cost effective nature and ease of availibility. Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) – a hybrid material – a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone helps give enough amount of protection against mild drops when it comes to smartphone cases. They don’t add a lot of bulk to the whole form factor and are quite easy to put on or take off from the device. You can easily get these cases on any local vendor for a price much cheaper than online. If you are looking for some branded case manufacturers – Nilkin, Incipio, Gooseperry, CaseMate etc. are some of the options you can look at.

Rugged Cases – These are for someone who is utterly careless and prone to drops day in day out. Or, if you are planning to go to an adventure trek with your friends, these cases come in handy. Rugged cases are big, bulky and heavy. However, they provide the best protection no matter how clumsy you are with your smartphone. They provide a decent amount of lip around the display so you don’t need to worry even when your device falls upside down. Some cases also provide dust and water protection buy closing the ports by little silicone clips. In terms of price, these will cost a little more than the normal TPU case but they do justify the price in most cases. They can be a little pain to put on your device. Spigen, Incipio, Otterbox are some of the leaders in this category.



Back Hard Cases – I personally don’t like this category but I know people who prefer these over TPU cases. Hard cases basically provide a decent amount of protection against scratches and and not a lot of protection against drops because most of the time they just pop out leaving your new smartphone stranded. However, these are probably the first choice for customized case makers. I will discuss later in this article. Also, they are not the best when it comes to putting them on or taking them off your device.



Bumper Cases – These really took off when iPhones became the trend in India back in 2010s. However, they soon disappeared. Bumper cases are not common these days but they are still there and does it best when it comes to protection against drops without actually taking away a whole lot from the actual smartphone design. They are not very difficult to put on and don’t take much of the real estate on your device. But, they don’t come cheap especially if you are buying these from the likes of Otterbox, Rhinoshield and Dbrand.



Flip Cases – Flip covers are not in the trend anymore but you will still find people using them as they are the only option left. There is a thing with these type of cases.You either hate them or you can’t live without them. I would recommend you a flip case if you are really prone to scratching your device’s display. If you are one of those who keep keys and smartphone in the same pocket, flip covers will save the day for you. They are not very painful to put on and they won’t cost you a bomb as well.



Customized Cases – The sole purpose of smartphone cases is not just protection, they also play a vital role while customizing your smartphone. Cases can be a really easy way you can add your own flavour to your device, make it your own with some amount of protection that comes with it. There are a tonne of options available in India that allows you to literally put any image or text on a smartphone case designed especially for you. Skinit, Printvenue, yourPrint are some of the examples where you can customize the design on your next smartphone case. If you are into customizing your smartphone and occasionally would want to just go back to the original design, a customized case will do the job for you.



Customized Skins – This is currently what I am using on my OnePlus 3. A Dbrand skin which protects by device against any sort of scratches and some level of protection against drops. Smartphone skins or decals brings the same level of customization as cases but doesn’t bring the bulk with it. You can literally preserve all the design elements and still make it look your own. However, skins do compromise a bit on the protection side as a waist height drop with a dbrand skin on it won’t get you away with dents or cracks. Applying smartphone skins require patience and precision and some of them might leave residue on the surface when peeled off. Dbrand is the best in this business. Else, you can have a look at SlickWraps, Skinit, Gadgetshieldz etc.

So if you are looking to buy a case for your smartphone, I hope this article answered all your questions. Let us know in the comment section below about your choice? Are you case person or you just like to go without a case and appreciate the effort put in by the manufacturer?


Image Courtesy: Rhinoshield


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