Should you use a Tempered Glass on your smartphone?

A screen protector or a tempered glass is the first thing you buy after you have picked up a new smartphone. After all, the display is where all the magic happens, so you need to protect it. However, there is a lot of fuss around the display protection which comes with a smartphone. No, I am not talking about a pre-applied screen protector but the various versions of Corning Gorilla Glass protection which covers most of the smartphone display these days.


If you just go to the official website of Corning, it says that the latest version of Gorilla Glass i.e. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 can protect your smartphone against drops as high as 1.6 meters or shoulder height drops onto hard, rough surfaces up to 80% of the time. Ok! That sounds like it should survive most of our day to day stumbles just fine, right?


If we read further, Corning claims that the Gorilla Glass 5 comes with high resistance to scratch and sharp contact damage as well. If that’s true, using our smartphones completely naked shouldn’t be a problem. But is it really practically feasible? Is the fifth generation Gorilla Glass tough enough to sustain our day to day usage? Yes and No.


Yes because it does come with some basic scratch resistant and drop resistant properties which should get you through the entire smartphone life. In other words, things like keys, cards etc. shouldn’t harm at all. However, our pockets contain dust which sometimes rubs against this glass causing it to scratch. These dust particles are made up of different materials. This is where screen protectors and tempered glass comes into the picture because, of course, we can’t keep our pockets clean.


Now, why do I say No? Simply because smartphone usage varies with users. The 80% probability that the Gorilla Glass will sustain the drop, as per Corning is based on tests conducted under a controlled environment. In the real world, your smartphone might drop on any surface, flat or on the edge so it doesn’t really make sense to not put on a tempered glass given that you are prone to drops and rough usage.


So Should you use a Tempered Glass on your smartphone?

Tempered Glass does offer an extra layer of protection or to put it in other words, it does increase the chances of your smartphone sustaining a drop than otherwise. However, it does take away a little bit of touch sensitivity which I am pretty sure, not a lot of you have experienced. So if you are one of those with buttery hands and simply can’t grip your smartphone, go buy a good quality tempered glass. If you are on the other side of the grass though, you might want to take your smartphone fully naked to your next trip.


Once you have decided, there are other things to keep in mind. Most of the smartphones these days come with a 2.5D curved glass which makes this entire game even tougher. Normal tempered glass will not cover up entire screen while some full body tempered glass creates a weird rainbow effect on the screen. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8, I would recommend going for a tempered glass from Spigen or Orzly as these guys are best in the business. I hope this article helped you decide whether you should use a Tempered Glass on your smartphone or not. Tune up to TQnet for more such articles.

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