Should you buy Refurbished Phones in India?

Let’s talk about refurbished phones today. You must have come across the word ‘refurbished’ a lot recently on various online stores. The concept of refurbished products has started to make some kind of visibility in the consumer electronics lately. In an industry where technology changes with a blink of an eye, refurbished smartphones have unexpectedly created their own space of audience. With e-commerce giants like Amazon and Snapdeal taking a dip in this pool as well, the matter becomes even more important. So, should you buy a refurbished phone in India? Well, here is why you should and why you shouldn’t.


When should you buy a refurbished phone in India?


Significant Cost Savings: Perhaps the most crucial reason to buy a refurbished phone is the cost you save compared to the new one. Refurbished phones ain’t quite the same as second-hand phones but yes they have been definitely used before they get to your hands. So you need to make this part of the decision very wisely. The cost you save by buying a refurbished phones should be greater than the compromise the phone comes with.


With the 30-day return back policy being a norm these days, a lot of customers often end up not liking a phone and hence, shipping it back to the e-commerce giants. These companies then fresh it up with some cleaning, package it and sell it as a refurbished phone. So depending on how much the phone was used or even abused, in some cases, a refurbished phone might turn up as a really good deal.


Manufacturer Warranty: Now this is again very important when buying a refurbished smartphone. If the seller is offering you a near 12-month manufacturer warranty, it becomes even easier to believe that the phone might be just a few days old. While in most cases, a manufacturer warranty of 9 months or more is a good sign, there are chances where the manufacturer might not accept the warranty given with the refurbished phone. So, double check on that.


The new one is not available: Smartphone companies these days are quick to refresh their lineups. Smartphones go outdated within months of their launch. In such cases, there might be a smartphone which you absolutely loved but unfortunately, it is no longer available as a new model has made its way to the market. A refurbished phone might come in handy if you are utterly desperate to own the old guy. Do check on if you will get any kind of support from the manufacturer in such situations.


Feature Phone: Yes, this is not something which a lot of people talk about. While a refurbished smartphone is a risky affair, a refurbished feature phone is almost the opposite. There are hardly any risks of display scratches, dents or inferior quality components. Buying a refurbished feature phone is a wise choice especially when you are going to use it as your secondary device. Think about it.

When should you not buy a refurbished phone?


No Compromise on Quality: This one is for those who are very assiduous with their electronic stuff. Who can’t compromise on the quality just to save some extra couple of thousand rupees. If you are one of these, then better not follow the refurbished bandwagon. No matter how good of a deal it is, your refurbished device will not feel new.


Frequent Upgrader: Technology on smartphones is moving so fast that most of us can’t afford to buy the latest and greatest piece of tech. This is why a lot of people today prefer to skip through their phones every year or maybe twice within a year. If you are someone who loves to try out new technology then there is no sense in buying a refurbished smartphone. There are high chances that you will get bored of it within months. Just grab a new one and sell it once you are done with it.


Refurbished phones die sooner: Well, this is kind of opposite to the above point. Refurbished phones are mostly re-worked upon with some components being replaced with the new ones. As a result, most of them die relatively sooner than you would expect. My personal experience with a refurbished phone was great but the sad part was that it died soon mostly because the battery and motherboard it had finally ran into issues which can happen to anyone out there. So if you generally stay up long with a single phone, refurbished is not the way.


New Models: If you are planning to buy a refurbished phone which barely launched a couple of months ago, you might not end saving much. This is because refurbished models of a fairly new smartphone in the market are less in number and demand for it is equally more. To calculate a fair time period, I would suggest you wait for about 6 months before you can actually buy the refurbished model as often companies bring down the price of their smartphones significantly within 6 months of their launch. So hold your horses before you go for the refurbished ride.


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