How to backup a OnePlus device using OnePlus Switch?

Backing up our smartphone is important especially when you have to give your device for repair or simply want to install a new update. Traditionally, you would just connect your device to your computer and transfer all the files you need. That is how Android has always been – Simple! However, that would require you to download different apps to backup apps, messages, call logs etc. That and we add the trend of internal storage going up to 128GB, so naturally we now have more data to transfer. It takes ages to transfer files from your smartphone to computer which is extremely annoying. But, if you have happen to own a OnePlus device – you are in luck. OnePlus Switch, the company’s proprietary data migration app recently got an update which enable users to easily backup and restore the device. Here is how to do it.


Step 1: OnePlus Switch app doesn’t show up in the app drawer so navigate to Settings > Advanced > OnePlus Switch.

Step 2: Once you are inside the OnePlus Switch app, go to ‘Backup and Restore’. You will now see two options – New Backup and Restore Backup.


Step 3: Let’s first create a backup. Simply tap the ‘New Backup’ option and the app will then ask you what all files you want to backup. As of now you can backup contacts, call logs, messages, notes, pictures, audio, video, applications and some of the system info such as ringtones etc.

Note: Backing up applications from OnePlus Switch will not backup any app data.


Step 4: After you have selected the files you want to backup, hit Backup Now. The app also shows you the total size of the backup you are about to create which is a nifty addition, in my opinion.

Step 5: Once the app is done backing up your data, simply hit Done. Oneplus Switch saves your backup inside Backup/MobileBackup folder.

If you are planning to factory reset your device, I would recommend copying the folder on to your computer and restore it once you are done resetting your device.


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How to restore the Backup created from OnePlus Switch app?

Well, it is quite simple. Once you are done updating or resetting your device, simple transfer the backup folder to your smartphone. Note, keep the backup folder in the same path i.e. Internal Storage/Backup/MobileBackup.

Again, navigate to the Oneplus Switch app, hit Backup and Restore > Restore Backup > Choose what files you want to restore and Voila! The app will not only restore all your photos, audio and video, it will also install all the apps which were backed up. Sweet, isn’t it?

OnePlus Switch doesn’t only let you take backups. Being a migration app first, it lets you transfer your data from your old phone to your new phone with just one click.


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