How to get OnePlus 5T Face Unlock on any Android smartphone?

OnePlus 5T is undoubtedly the best smartphone for its price, at the moment. The device fixes all the problems which I had with the OnePlus 5 for not even a single extra penny. Besides the beautiful 18:9 display and the much appreciated f/1.7 secondary 20-megapixel camera, one of the most talked about features on the OnePlus 5T is ‘Face Unlock’. I know, I know – it’s not as sophisticated as Apple’s Face ID but Hey! Face Unlock on OnePlus 5T is insanely fast. It is so fast that you won’t even see your lock screen. According to some reports, OnePlus 5 will be getting this feature with the official OxygenOS 5.0 (Android Oreo) which is due for early 2018. However, what about OnePlus 3 and 3T? Given Face Unlock is entirely based on software, there must be a way to activate this feature on literally any Android device right? Well, I am not sure. But, there is surely a workaround and that’s exactly what I am going to tell you today.


Now this trick will work on any Android smartphone which has ‘Smart Lock’ built-in. But there is more to it, so read until the end. I tried this on my OnePlus 3 running the latest Open Beta based on Android Oreo. 


Step 1: To start with, make sure your device has ‘Smart Lock’ feature baked into the OS. For that, simply go to Settings > Security & Fingerprint (This can be different for different devices) > Smart Lock.



Step 2: Adding a ‘Smart Lock’ requires you to set any other type of security lock on your device (i.e. Pattern, Pin or Password). Once done, your device will ask you to enter the password before you can set a Smart Lock.


Step 3: Now that we are inside the Smart Lock menu, look for ‘Trusted Face’. Tap on it and follow the instructions until you notice your device scanning your face. Make sure your entire face is inside the circle for accurate results.



Setting up Smart Lock is fairly easy but there is one problem with it. Smart Lock will not automatically go to the homescreen once your device has recognized your face. It is kind of like Apple’s Face ID where you have to swipe up to go to the homescreen. However, an app called ‘AutoInput’ solves this hiccup for us. In a recent update, you can ask your device to jump straight to the homescreen once you have entered your password, which in this case, is our face.


Step 4: Download ‘AutoInput’ from PlayStore. Note, you need to have the Full Version of the app in order to take the full cream out of it. However, if you are only using this app for this feature only, then you might want to skip paying that money.



Step 5: Once download and inside the AutoInput app, go to ‘Auto Dismiss Keyguard’ and enable it. The app might ask you to toggle it inside the Accessibility Settings but this feature doesn’t require that too.


Now that you have setup the Smart Lock and enabled ‘Auto Dismiss Keyguard’ from AutoInput, your device will instantly jump to the homescreen as soon as it recognizes your face. I know this is not as fast as the one on the OnePlus 5T but it still works great, at least for me. Let me know your thoughts. Comment Below

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