Mivi Thunder Beats Review: Best Wireless Earphones Under Rs 3,000?

The world is equally divided between wired and wireless earphones and with headphone jack on the verge of extinction, I guess it’s time we start thinking about wireless earphones. I am personally not a very big fan of wireless earphones, however, I decided to give them a try. Mivi Thunder Beats which currently retails for under Rs 3,000 are looked upon as a decent entry level pair of wireless earphones. On paper, they seem to have a really good design, substantially long battery life and decent sound as well. But how are they in real life? Well, let’s find out.



Before we head on to the design, wireless earphones comes in three design types – True Wireless, Neckband and Neck-Wire. Mivi Thunder Beats are the neck-wire type that connects both the earbuds through a flat wire that rests on your neck. No neck-band means that the earbuds are a little heavy probably because they are housing the battery. I don’t like neckband type so a little more weight was a trade-off that I gladly accepted. The earbud housing is made out of aluminum topped with magnets so that they stick around when you have them on your neck hanging and not listening. Mivi has given a slightly angled-design to the earbuds and there is also an ear-hook on both sides to help them stick in your ears even when you are running or working out.

There is an inline remote on the right side of the wire (that connects the earbuds) housing the Play/Pause button along with Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. This inline remote also has the micro-USB port used to charge the battery.


Inside the box, we get a really nice carrying case along with two extra ear-tips and ear-hooks of small and large sizes while the medium ones comes already on the earphones. There is also a tiny micro-USB cable to charge your earphones through any sort of normal charger.


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In my time using these earphones, I cannot remember any instance where I thought I should be a little more careful with these earphones. Mivi Thunder Beats are solidly-built and the company claims that it is splash and sweat proof. I took these earphones to the gym and they handled all the moving along with the sweat pretty well. The carrying case is a great way to store these earphones while you travel. So big ups to Mivi in the durability department.


Although the lack of neck-band makes the earbuds a little heavy, these earphones weigh only 23 g so that shouldn’t be a problem even if you are coming from insanely light wired earphones. What will take some getting used to, however, are the ear-hooks. Although the earbuds sit perfectly even without the hooks, if you are planning to take them to your next run or workout, I would recommend using the ear-hooks as well. Initially, I had this weird pain in my ears every time I would set the ear-hooks but eventually they settled in well. There might be a problem with my ear-size and Mivi does give you three different sizes for that matter.

I didn’t have any problem wearing these for straight 2 hours but most of my long listening hours would go without the ear-hooks. If I have to sum up the comfort, I would rate the Mivi Thunder Beats 7 on 10.


How do they sound?

If this was a rapid fire question, I wouild have said – Mivi Thunder Beats sound really good for its price. However, since this is a review, let’s dive in a little more in the sound department. If you are a bass head, you will definitely love how they sound. The bass is punchy but it is certainly overpowering the highs and especially the mids in most of the situations. The highs are decent as well but just like most of the earphones out there, mids are muffled. I threw a bunch of genres of music to test on these earphones. From acoustic covers of different songs to the old Michael Jackson pop music to Dubstep. Music on these earphones is utterly enjoyable but again it might get you onto your head with its bass heavy profile.


In terms of clarity, the Mivi Thunder Beats would take a 7 on 10 from me. There are times when you will appreciate the clarity of output while there are instances when they really lack detailing. Sound stage is something where most of the entry-level or budget earphones tend to struggle and Mivi Thunder Beats is no exception. That said, the thumping bass makes up for its short comings really well only if you like listening to bass heavy music. These earphones are probably not the best choice if you watch a lot of videos or movies.

One thing I would like to mention here is that the Mivi Thunder Beats support Qualcomm’s aptX technology. aptX, if you are not aware, is the audio codec algorithm by Qualcomm that ensures a pure, untouched and relatively clear sound output from your device through your wireless earphones. So if your device support aptX, this is surely one of the strong points of these earphones. To sum it up, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to music on these earphones and for a price point of under Rs 3,000 – these act up just fine.


The inline remote on the right side also house a mic to take and end calls. I did test out the mic and encountered zero problems. The person on the other side of the phone had no issues even in crowded areas like metro.


Connectivity and Battery

I had literally no issues while connecting these earphones to my OnePlus 3. In fact, they connect within a couple of seconds once you are done with the one-time pairing process. Holding the Play/Pause will turn on the earphones with blue led blinking. If you hold the Play/Pause button, the earphones go into the pairing mode.

For the battery, Mivi claims that the Thunder Beats can last upto 8 hours of playback. Interestingly, the earphones do manage to last for about 8 hours. I could go five straight days without having them to charge even a single time. Further, Mivi has provided some sort of fast charging. These earphones can go from 0 to 100 percent in about 1 hour which is not bad at all.



Should you buy the Mivi Thunder Beats?

Sound is subjective and so is the decision to buy a new pair of earphones. To make things easier for you, if Mivi Thunder Beats will be your first wireless earphones, go for it. However, if you have already joined the wireless family and can invest a little more money, there are better options out there.

Mivi Thunder Beats

Rs 2,999









Value for Money



  • Good Battery Life
  • Decent Design
  • Bass Heavy Sound
  • Support aptX Technology
  • Sweat Proof


  • Lacks in Clarity
  • A Little Heavy on the Ears

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