JBL C200SI Review: Is It Better Than CX180?

JBL has been one on one against the Sennheiser when we talk about sub Rs 1,000 wired earphones in India. The JBL C100SI was one of the best seller earphones on Amazon for quite a long time. Interestingly and not very known to a lot of users out there, JBL has released an upgraded version of C100SI earlier this year. The C200SI is available for a price of Rs 699 on Amazon India. I have been using these earphones for over a week now and here is my review of the JBL C200SI.

What’s Inside the box?

Inside the box, you get the earphones, of course, a user manual and two extra ear tips. So no carrying pouch here which is fine given the amount of money you shell for these earphones.

JBL C200Si review


Aesthetically, there isn’t a lot going on here. The C200SI comes with the same plastic built as its predecessor. Sure it makes the earphones extremely light weight, but don’t expect them to feel premium. The quality of the wire is average. It is definitely more sturdy than the one that comes with Sennheiser CX180 but nothing beyond that. The in-line remote is on the right side and comes with a single button to take and end calls. The 3.5 mm headphone connector is not L-shaped but it is gold-plated which is a good thing considering the price tag.

In terms of durability, the JBL C200SI fair just about alright for the price tag. The wire is rubberized so untangling these whenever you pull them out of your pocket will be a daily chores. Apart from this, the JBL C200SI outperformed my expectations. I have had them inside my pocket for most of the time and never had to worry. That said, I would still not recommend going hard on these earphones.

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Extremely lightweight combined with good quality ear tips make these earphones exceptionally comfortable. I am usually glued to my phone watching youtube videos for hours and not even once I felt like removing these earphones. In fact, after a point of time, you will forget if you have them plugged on.

You get two extra pairs of ear tips – small and large while the medium-sized comes pre-installed.

JBL C200Si sound quality

Sound and Performance

In a sub Rs 1,000 budget, the sound quality isn’t the top priority. Rather, most of the people out there are looking for an overall package and value for money. But still, how well do these earphones perform in terms of the sound?

Well, if you aren’t too particular about sound, the JBL C200SI sounds really good for the price. Unless you absolutely want the best sound quality, you will not be disappointed in the sound department.

But what if you want to go to the nitty-gritty of the sound output? Let’s break it down.

I listen to a lot of genres so I will try to cater all kinds of music hungry ears.

The highs have always been the favourite layer of sound for JBL and the C200SI is no different. The highs are not only dominating on these earphones but they offer a crisp and clear output. The lows are average as they lack that ‘Umph’ factor and rich bass to it. While the mids, as its the case with most of the earphones at this price range, is the most compromised department here.

In other words, if you listen to a lot of acoustic music or you are more into vocals, then JBL C200SI will serve you pretty well. In fact, if you watch a lot of videos or movies, you will definitely enjoy using these earphones. However, if you are a bass head and only move on genres like hip-hop or bass-heavy music, you might want to look somewhere else.

Again, I want to clearly mention here that sound is subjective. What might be perfect for you might be absolutely poor sounding earphones for someone else.

The in-line remot works just fine. I didn’t face any problems when talking on phone through the remote. The single button will also let you Play/Pause and skip to next or go to previous track.


So should you buy the JBL C200SI? Let me make it easy for you. If your budget is under Rs 1,000 and you love watching a lot of videos and movies, the JBL C200SI could be an ideal candidate for your next purchase. While if you are a bass head, Sennheiser CX215 will be a better choice. As an alternate, you can also look at Xiaomi’s Mi wired earphones and House of Marley’s Smile Jamaica.


Rs 699









Value for Money


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