Honor’s GPU Turbo Technology: A True Innovation or Marketing Gimmick?

Honor launched a new smartphone – Honor Play – today here in India and the whole community is talking about this new term which the company repeatedly used during the launch – GPU Turbo Technology. Now, Huawei has already come out in the past and announced that this technology will be rolled out to a bunch of Huawei devices clearly indicating that this has nothing to do with the hardware. Interesting! So what is ‘GPU Turbo Technology’? Let’s try to understand.


What is GPU Turbo Technology?

GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit which alongside CPU (Central Processing Unit) literally runs any computer on this planet. Now what GPU Turbo Technology does is that it takes both software and hardware on a smartphone and optimize it to function as per the need of a particular activity. In other words, the hardware (GPU and CPU) and software (EMUI 8.0) both work together to accelerate the overall performance whenever needed.


This was entirely possible because Huawei had the full control over both software and hardware. For those who are not aware, Huawei makes its own processors under the brand name ‘Kirin’ which have proved to be equally powerful and efficient as its Qualcomm or MediaTek counterparts. Now having the full control over software and hardware helped the Chinese handset manufacturer to enable this technology from the core and not just at the cream.


GPU Turbo Technology - EMUI


Not only this, with the help of GPU Turbo – a device can actually understand what is going on inside the game and give you haptic feedback just like what gaming console controller would do. So if there are a lot of gun shots happening around you, it will vibrate to give you a more intuitive feedback. Now this will definately eat up a little more battery but will GPU Turbo does serve battery efficiency as well.


How does the GPU Turbo Technology Work?

Gaming Performance on smartphones is majorly judged on the frames per second a device can offer while gaming. More the frames per second, better is the gaming performance. With GPU Turbo Technology, a device can deploy more resources to each frame, hence, improving both the frame rate and quality of each frame delivered while playing a game. Apparently, smartphones can boost up about 60 percent of performance with the GPU Turbo Technology.


Huawei has claimed that it could achieve up to 59.8 frames per second in its relatively old Huawei Mate 10 device. That is impressive! Ofcourse the Razor Phone (with 120fps Display) would absolutely demolish this technology but that was all Hardware and it involves expensive hardware.


GPU Turbo Technology - Battery Efficiency


How does it manage to Optimize Battery?

Well, when both hardware and software are optimized, you don’t need all the cores active at all the times while delivering the next frame. This is where the GPU Turbo Technology also helps reduce the overall battery consumption. Huawei claims that with this technology, you can save up to 30 percent of battery capacity which is an icing on cake.


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Which smartphones is getting the GPU Turbo Technology?

According to Honor’s website, the GPU Turbo Technology will be soon available to – Honor 9, Honor View 10, Honor 10, Honor 8 Pro, Honor 9 Lite and Honor 7X. Besides, GSMArena also released this schedule a couple of weeks back which add a lot more Huawei devices to this list.


Image Source: GSMArena


So is GPU Turbo Technology truly a breakthrough in the mobile computing? You can say! But this is actually very common in the developer community where one can easily tweak how a CPU and GPU behaves through ‘Kernel’. I will leave this for a separate article but for now, GPU Turbo Technology is something really worth admiring from yet another Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

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