Flipkart Billion Capture+ is coming on November 15

Flipkart is launching its own smartphone. Yes, one of the biggest e-commerce websites in India is coming up with its on a smartphone called ‘Billion Capture+’ next week. If you are not aware, Flipkart launched its own brand named ‘Billion’ earlier this year in July and although the brand has been selling its products on Flipkart for quite some time, it’s the new smartphone which has made all the headlines. Interestingly, Flipkart’s biggest competitor Amazon has been kind of a veteran here with its sub-brand like Amazon Basics and Kindle selling on the internet for years now. Coming back to the device, Flipkart teased the smartphone today on its website throwing up a dedicated page for it.

Although the page doesn’t pull out the technical specifications of the device, it does hint most of the features the Billion Capture+ will come loaded with.

Picking up the name first, the Billion Capture+ is certainly going to be a camera-centric smartphone. We will have dual cameras at the back, however, Flipkart is yet to disclose the type of implementation. Some of the features we do know are that the camera will have a dedicated Night Mode, will be capable of shooting bokeh and pictures with amazing depth-of-field.

Another important feature here is fast charging. Flipkart quotes that the Billion Capture+ will offer ‘Hours of battery with minutes of charging’ which sound a lot familiar. Not a lot of budget smartphones come with fast charging today. Talking about the budget, I strongly feel that the Billion Capture+ will hit the budget segment as that is exactly why Flipkart came up with the brand.

Other features include a full HD display, a metal body curving around the edges at the back. By the looks of it, the display doesn’t look like an 18:9 panel although I wish its an AMOLED display. Besides, the Billion Capture+ will come with Stock Android 7.1.1 Nougat while Android Oreo still struggles to crawl up to more devices. Plus points for bringing in Stock Android though. We are not sure of the processor yet but again, it will be great if Flipkart prefers Qualcomm over MediaTek. Also, the device will come with unlimited cloud storage which is similar to what Google offers it with its Pixel lineup. Sweet!

Flipkart’s Billion Capture+ is set to go on sale on 15th November i.e. coming Wednesday and we will get some interesting partner offers as well. Gearing up for the launch, Flipkart claims that it has already set up 130 Service Centers in 125 cities and towns across the country. Not bad for the first ever smartphone launch, Flipkart.

But, the question here is, will it do any good to consumers? In a country where the budget smartphone market is flooded with devices breaking the limits, in terms of specifications, will Flipkart’s Billion Capture+ come anywhere close to the likes of Xiaomi, Lenovo, Motorola etc.? Well, I hope it does, for the fact that it comes from an Indian smartphone manufacturer. What do you think? Will the next ‘Billion’ thing from Flipkart Capture the billions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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