10 Cool Things you should ask Google Assistant

Google Assistant has come a long way from just being a personal assistant which sits inside your smartphone and is there when you need it. With Artificial Intelligence gaining all the attention recently, Google has made some impressive additions and improvements to its native voice assistant. I personally don’t use it much but whenever I do, it does the job. And that’s exactly what you look for in a voice assistant right? Well, apart from just throwing answers with utter adequate information, Google Assistant also does it with a pinch of coolness. I have been fiddling with it for past couple of days and adding up my regular research on the internet, here are some really cool things you can Say (ask) to your Google Assistant.


Note, the answers might differ with the region you reside.


1. Hey Google! – Clean My Room

Don’t look for help here, only your Mom can.


2. Hey Google! – BeatBox

Get some audience, Quick!


3. Hey Google! – Do you know Siri/Alexa/Cortana?

That’s how you stay grounded even when you know you are the best 🙂


4. Hey Google! – Self Destruct

She is one hell of a loyal assistant, isn’t she? Wait! he or she?


5. Hey Google! – Are you a he or she?

Looks like its a secret, at the moment.


6. Hey Google! – To be or not to be

That’s on point.


7. Hey Google! – Can you laugh?

I bet it sounded much better than what you see above.


8. Hey Google! – When is your Birthday?

Now you know how to hide your age *wink*


9. Hey Google! – I am drunk

Very important. Go get them H2O right now mate.


10. Hey Google! – Talk dirty to me

Eewwww Google, that was really gross.


Bonus: Hey Google! – See ya later, Alligator

Well, she nailed it.


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