7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Smartphones Online

When was the last time you bought a smartphone offline? Was it like very recently or it has been ages? Whatever be the case, the e-commerce industry has changed the way we buy smartphones in India. With e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart growing tremendously, it becomes a lot easier for us, as consumers, to not only choose our next smartphone but also buy it with just a click of a button. Baring the fact that there are people who still prefer offline stores when it comes to buying smartphones – here are 7 reasons why you should buy smartphones online.


1. It Is Convenient

Online shopping makes things convenient. Imagine how would you do all your shopping sitting in shorts in the middle of the night if there was no Amazon or Flipkart? And this is applicable to literally anything available online today. Now you might argue that shopping online does introduce a 2-3 days lag between the date of order placed and the date of delivery but this is what you pay for the convenience. Not to forget, you do get next day or even same day delivery with Amazon Prime these days.


2. Straight from the Warehouse

Yes, this has been one of the biggest advantages of e-commerce eruption in India. Buying smartphones online means that it comes directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse. Most often if not always. This is certainly not the case with offline stores where the box pays a bunch of visits to the regional distributor and then to the eventual retailer. There is no problem here until a defective product or even fake product is being included in the final lot.


3. Better Prices

If you thought offline stores can give you the best prices, just compare the prices with one of the online stores. Although offline stores have improved a bit in the pricing department, they can’t really compete against the prices which are offered online. Flipkart’s Big Billion Days, Amazon’s Great Indian Sale further adds some insane deals on smartphones which are tough to let go. Offline stores have started to offer quite a bit of Bank Offers but they are still way to behind in this race.



4. Easy Return and Replacement

Customer: My Smartphone is behaving weirdly ever since I bought it from this store

Shopkeeper: Sir, you must have installed some kind of app which had a virus

Customer: I didn’t install any app

Shopkeeper: Try wiping all the data and factory reset your device

Customer: I want to return this smartphone as it is defective out of the box

Shopkeeper: Sorry Sir, you will have to give it to a service centre if you have any concerns. We don’t accept any returns or replacement.


Now if this customer bought the same smartphone online, it would have been an easy-peasy job for him to return the smartphone. Online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon provides easy replacement and returns No Questions Asked – what so ever. Period.


5. Authentic Reviews vs Shopkeeper Influence

Buying a smartphone online gives you a lot more transparency than offline stores. You get access to really good authentic reviews of a product. Although there are some useless one-liners as well, mostly the quality of reviews is decent if not great.



On the other hand, offline stores rely heavily on seller’s convincing skills. This is where companies like Oppo and Vivo invested heavily and got pretty hefty profits in the initial days. But you can’t fool around your customers for long so if you are someone who easily gets influenced, you are better off with buying your next smartphone online. Let’s admit it – customer reviews are any day better than shopkeeper influence.


6. Gift Sending Made Easy

This is another reason why you should buy smartphones online. If the device you are planning to buy is a gift for someone else, you can order it directly to their doorstep. With shopping online, distance is no longer an excuse for you to send gifts for any kind of occasion.



7. Bundle with Accessories

This is also a common practice when buying smartphones from stores but online platforms give you a ton more options if you want to bundle an accessory with your new purchase. Be it all kinds of cases, earphones, skins, adapters… anything! – You can get it much better online and for a much better price – no doubt. Not only this, websites like Flipkart and Amazon even suggest you the combo based on your search history which is really cool and does come in handy sometimes.


Buying a smartphone can be stressful and not having a personal touch might be a problem for some. However, with such advantages, it is always wise to go online when you think to buy a new smartphone.


That said, how do you prefer to buy smartphones? Online or Offline? Let us know in the comment section below.

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