5 Smartphone Battery Myths That Need To Be Busted!

Smartphone battery myths are something which needs to be discussed as a lot of people fall prey to the convention myth spreading spree. Now users are not the only culprits in spreading these myths, even the manufacturers themselves are responsible in some of them. But not to worry, we at TQnet today has caught up 5 battery myths that need to be shrugged right here, right now.


Myth: Don’t Charge Your Smartphone Overnight

Truth: How many times people have told you this? Traditionally, batteries, in general, would go down if you charge it to 100 per cent or overcharge them. However, smartphones today are smart. They know when to cut off the charge so technically charging your smartphone overnight is absolutely safe. However, there is a tendency that the battery might overcharge but the downside here is utterly negligible. We have a separate article on this entire topic – Should You Charge Your Smartphones Overnight?


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Myth: Never Use Your Phone While Charging

Truth: This probably came out to exist because of series of smartphone explosions happening in the recent past. I am sure either of your mom or dad have told you to not use your phone while it’s connected to the socket. But why? Well, this is because lithium-ion batteries when charged tend to heat up a bit and expand in size. However, using your smartphone while it’s charging is safe unless you are throwing some really intensive activities to your phone at that point in time.


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Myth: Use Only Official Branded Charger To Charge Your Phone

Truth: This one is rather escalated by the phone manufacturers. I am sure you have read in a user manual about always using the official branded charger from the company to charge your device. Well, the only motive behind this one is – Profit!


While in reality, if you have a good quality third-party charger with same or less current taking capabilities, it should be good. Whereas, if you have compromised on the quality of the charger, then things might go wrong in some situations. Bottom line – you can definitely use your brother’s charger if your charger breaks down rather too soon.


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Myth: You Should Completely Drain Out Your Phone’s Battery

Truth: This came from back in the time when nickel batteries were a thing. Now nickel battery had a tendency to forget their cycle if they were not completely drained out. However, we have shifted to lithium-based batteries which are kind of opposite to the nickel batteries. A lithium-ion/polymer battery has a set number of cycles. The more you let it drain out completely, the sooner it drains out when it is completely charged.


Now, you might want to drain the battery once or twice to calibrate but that should not be a daily practice.

Myth: Turning Off Bluetooth and Location Services Saves Battery

Truth: This was a learning for me as well because I am someone who gets absolutely delighted by relatively high SoT (Screen on Time) stats. I use to always switch off the Bluetooth and location services on my phone whenever I am done using it. But this would actually drain more battery.


This is quite similar to an electronic appliance today, if you go on turning it on-off again and again, they will technically consume more electricity. Again, I want to emphasize that smartphones today are smart. They know when to use a service and when not to.


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So these were some of the battery myths that made to our list. We will continue to bust myths like these in future as well. Till then, do you know any battery myths that you want to discuss with us? Let us know in the comment section below your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “5 Smartphone Battery Myths That Need To Be Busted!

  • September 14, 2018 at 9:45 am

    I read somewhere that after you connect your mobile phone to the charger, you exhaust ‘one’ cycle of the battery when you disconnect it or pull the cable out to receive a call (Reference: Myth # 2 above). And since the battery has a life of ‘finite’ number of cycles; for the optimum utilization of these cycles, it is ideal to charge the battery to the full capacity and then let it discharge almost completely before reconnecting it to the charger! This way, you’ll effectively make the most of the life span of the battery.
    In both instances — either when you are connecting to the charger before the battery is almost completely discharged, or when you are pulling the cable out or disconnecting before the battery is fully charged — you’re actually underutilizing ‘one’ cycle out of the ‘finite’ number of cycles available to you!!

    Is there any fallacy in the above logic?

    • September 14, 2018 at 11:03 am

      Hi Prabhat,
      You have highlighted an important point here. However, a fixed number of cycles doesn’t mean that a smartphone battery can be charged just n number of times.

      Rather it means that you can go from 100 to 0 about n number of times. If you don’t let your battery drain out completely – it actually means that you stretch those 500 chances for a longr period of time. So not draining out your battery entirely helps you to stretch the overall battery capacity.


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