Android Pie is Official: Everything You Should Know!

Android 9 is official. Yes, you heard it right and its is called ‘Android Pie’. Although it was quite obvious this time around barring some rumours that claimed that it could be ‘Pistacio’. Google has officially released Android 9 Pie and if you have a Pixel device, an over-the-air update should arrive soon or else you can manually install the update from here.


Android Pie received an overwhelming response ever since the first developer preview was released back in March and This is it! So what all features made the final cut? Let’s first pick out the features that didn’t make the cut.


Android Pie Official Release: What features are missing out ?


Digital Well-Being – With Android Pie, Google wants us to use our smartphones in a healthier way which is why this feature – Digital Wellbeing. Google If you are not aware, Digital Wellbeing will come with a dashboard that would give you all the statistics about your smartphone usage and habits to eventually help you limit your usage.


Android Pie - Digital Wellbeing Android Pie - Digital Wellbeing


This feature will help you pause certain apps or even limit the use of those apps after certain amount of usage time. Sadly, Google is still working on this feature and has promised that it will be released via a separate beta update in fall. You can sign up for the update here.


Slices – This is another feature which hasn’t make the final cut as of yet. However, it is definitely in the pipeline for future updates. You can’t slice a Peanut Butter or Pistacio so this feature kind of already hinted that Android 9 would be called Android Pie.


Slices is a feature where your device will create custom shortcuts based on your search query. For example, if I write Uber in the search box, the device will automatically give me an option to book a cab without even opening the app. Sweet!


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What do we get in the first Official Android Pie Release?


Gesture Based Navigation – Well this was probably the highlight of the whole UI overhaul that Android 9 was supposed to bring. Android Pie comes with gesture-based navigation doing away with the 7-years old navigation bar. However, this feature is entirely optional and you can go back to the traditional navigation bar at the bottom. But with what we have seen over the internet, this gesture based navigation will eventually replace the navigation bar.


Android Pie - App Actions


App Actions – Along with suggesting different apps in the app drawer, Android Pie will also give you – App Actions. With the help of Machine Learning, your android device would show you certain app actions that you would want to perform at a certain time based on your usage history.


Adaptive Battery – This is yet another take on Machine Learning where Google has partnered with DeepMind. Based on your usage patterns, your Android device will optimize certain apps to save on battery. This is would exceptionally increase the standby time as it would practically eliminate any sort of unnecessary background activity. Google is banking heavily on Artificial Intelligence this time as well and hopefully it will pay off.

Android Pie - Adaptive Battery

Support for Notches, Dual Cameras and more…

Android Pie officially support the infamous ‘Notch’ design. This is why the clock has now been shifted to the left side to create more space in the center if at all there has to be a notch.


Further, Android Pie now officially supports Dual Camera APIs and given the leaks of the upcoming Pixel 3, don’t be surprised if we get dual camera setup this year.


There are a ton of other updates such as smart replies, revamped recent apps menu, text magnifier etc. You will have to install the update yourself to get a taste of it.


When Can I Expect Android P on my Device?

As mentioned before, if you have a Pixel device you can install the update right away. Further, Google has claimed that all the devices that took part in the beta programme should get the official Android Pie update by fall while all the supported Android One devices should get a slice of Android Pie by the end of this year.


For the rest, let’s just hope for the best 🙂


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