5 Insanely Weird Phones You Never Knew Existed

Every year there is a smartphone design that breaks the entire industry. It is followed by fellow competitors bluntly and no one can stop talking about it. Starting from the fingerprint scanner from Apple’s Touch ID, the removal of the headphone jack, the famous notch from the iPhone X and now the foldable phones. However, smartphone designs are not always widely accepted as is the case with the above examples. In fact, there have been some bold steps that went unnoticed. Some weird yet commendable efforts that didn’t quite left an impression. In this blog post, I have collated 5 weird phones that we bet you never knew existed.

Lenovo C Plus – A smartphone that can be your watch

Lenovo C Plus made headlines in 2016 when the company first showcased this one-of-a-kind smartphone. This phone came with a sort of flexible display that could wrap around your wrist just like a wrist watch. The whole body of the C Plus came with hinges at different levels allowing the smartphone to bend around your wrist.


The internals were carefully placed between the hinges and it ran on MediaTek processor with Android OS on top. However, what really caught people’s eyes was the flexible display and how could a smartphone fold as a wrist watch so naturally.

Sadly, Lenovo didn’t really mastered the flexible display concept then and it never made it to the shelves. In fact, there were just too many instances when the screen would shatter while folding it and eventually it never saw the light in the day. Interesting concept though. Also, not a bad name either.

NEC Flip Phone – Display game strong

This is again one of those concept phones that showcased some real potential but never really became the reality. The NEC Flip phone had not one, not two but three displays stacked like a triangle. Are you serious?


Not only this, you could actually use these displays to multi-task with full keyboard support in each of them simultaneously. When done with multi-tasking, you could simply fold it to one screen and use it like any other phone. Now technically, this phone never existed but I still wanted to include it in this list for the idea behind it. In fact, there is a video of this phone which came about 8 years ago. Check it out!

CAT S60 – If a thermometer was not enough!

Next up in the list is CAT S60 which actually launched in India for about Rs 60,000 in 2017. But what’s weird about this phone? Well, CAT S60 comes with a thermal scanning camera at the back along with a normal sensor. A thermal scanner helps in visualising the body heat. I have to say, CAT was really ambitious with this product launching in India.

It is also the most waterproof and rugged smartphone in the market. On the outside, it is definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing device but that’s how rugged phones are, right?

I actually had a chance to use the CAT S60 and to me it didn’t really feel like a smartphone that someone would ever buy. I am still trying to figure out the actual need of products like this in India. The company was surely looking for backpackers and travellers but it seems it didn’t turn out so well.

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Nokia 7280 – A phone in shape of lipstick

Do you know? Nokia actually launched a phone in the shape of a lipstick? Yes! Nokia launched it’s 7280, a lipstick-shaped phone back in 2004 when feature phones were still a thing.


It came with a tiny display with 208 x 104-pixel resolution. The device had a small dialer that would help navigate through the keypad and you would just slide it a little to reveal a VGA camera. Yes, it also had a camera.

I am not sure, how well the device actually but, Nokia soon discontinued the device. Guess, a lack of a keypad backfired to what was otherwise a really cool (yet weird) concept for a smartphone. What do you think?

ZTE Axon M – This is how you get great selfies

Well, this is probably the newest of the lot in today’s list. Back in 2017, ZTE launched the Axon M which had 2 displays and this was a legit commercial product rather than a prototype. It had a Dual 5.2-inches Full HD displays that would fold like a laptop through a hinge.

Image: The Verge

The device had only one 20-megapixel camera because one could take selfies from the same camera by peeping on to the secondary display. No more low-quality selfies. Further, ZTE also put Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon 821 chipset inside along with Android 7.1.2 Nougat. I would actually stop here and drop Unbox Therapy’s video on this dual-screen masterpiece. Have a look at it.

So there it was, our 5 most weird phones that you never knew existed. I hope you liked this article. If you did and want more such content, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Youtube. Cheers!

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